Lalit Kale

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About Lalit Kale

We are happy to share the profile of Lalit Kale as a young mentor. Lalit is from Pune, India.

Lalit is Technical Architect, developer and consultant. He is primarily focused on developing, maintaining and managing high-availability, performance and security aspects for various enterprise systems. He has industry experience of over 10 years. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (IT). After studying C, C++ and VC++, he discovered Microsoft .NET platform in his last year of engineering and since then, working on it. Lalit’s areas of interest and expertise include various Microsoft technologies like C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WCF and Windows Azure. He has also been instrumental in taking products and solutions to next stage for many large scale enterprise customers. In his spare time, he likes to try out open source technologies, read technical and business books and loves to watch During his professional journey, Lalit got help from many people and mentors and got benefited from it. Due to this, Lalit thinks there is a great responsibility on him to pass this knowledge he has gained over the years to new developers and in general whoever seeks help. As an architect, one of his job responsibility is of grooming and helping new developers to grow and achieve their full potential. In his own words: “He thinks, through IndiaMentor community, he can go beyond physical boundaries and reach many more, besides standing and gaining from great peer mentors.” He maintains his blog at Lalit Kale.

  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Hackathon Winner
  • Outstanding Contribution Award – e-Zest Solutions Ltd.

It is wonderful feeling to be able to create and shape up something new out of nowhere, this is what drives me towards programming and software development as a whole. It is the best part of what I do daily.

● 10 years of Hands on experience with Microsoft .NET platform.
● Proficient in ASP.NET MVC, JQuery,C#, ASP.NET, WCF
● Served as an architect for more than 5 products & 10+ Projects
● In-depth knowledge and experience with software design patterns, and object oriented analysis and design (OOAD).
● Successfully lead teams in Onshore-Offshore model
● Client-Site working experience in US, UK,Germany and India.
● Successfully delivered superior customer service and bridged the gap between business and technical communities

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