Minu Asheej - classical dancer, young-mentor and technical editor

Minu Asheej

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About Minu Asheej

Minu is from Calicut, Kerala, currently living in Bangalore, Karnataka.  She is a good dancer a young-mentor and a technical editor.

She started learning dance from her childhood, when she was just 5-years old. She learned Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi from her first guru Smt. Prasanna Prakash.

In words of Minu:

Dance is my passion, I feel refreshed after doing a performance or learning new items from my Guru. I would love to do choreography and love to share the knowledge with others. I am dedicated and devoting to what I am doing today.

You can get knowledge from Minu by visiting her YouTube channel or requesting her on Facebook.

Team IndiaMentor, wish her good luck for her journey of dance.

  • She received many prizes and became “Kalathilakam”.
  • She Performed “arangetram” at the age of 13 in Guruvayoor Temple,  Kerala.
  • She  participated in many classical and semiclassical stage-performances, held in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.


– B. Tech in Computer Science from Nanda Engineering College, Tamil Nadu.
– M. Tech from KSOU in information Technology

Journey of Dance

Minu started her journey of dance in childhood at the age of 5. In her childhood she learned lot of dances viz. Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi.

She is very much passionate towards dance, she loves to dance especially: Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi. To make herself more into dance she learned Ottamthullal from Sh. Kalamandalam Prabhakaran and folk dance from Sh. Anil Kumar.

It is just a beginning, currently she is learning Mohiniyattam from Smt. Gayathri Devi.

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