Dr. Nimit Gupta

Dr Nimit Gupta

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About Dr. Nimit Gupta

Dr Nimit Gupta is a seasoned academician in the area of outcome based management education. He is a certified marketing trainer trained by Dr Philip Kotler. He is an avid researcher and a passionate teacher.

He loves to interact with marketing enthusiasts over the topics of contemporary marketing. Dr Gupta likes to write research papers and web/newspaper articles in the area of permission marketing and marketing as a career choice respectively.

He is a keen believer of mentoring and loves to mentor students, young faculty members and youths of the nation. Dr Gupta addresses in various forums on the thematic topic of outcome based education and stresses on the skill oriented education. Dr Gupta is a recipient of various scholastic awards for his contribution to the society at large.

He is Associate Professor and Area Chair- Marketing at Fortune Institute of International Business, Delhi.

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  8. Case and Teaching Note tilted “Amarachi – Silver Art Jewels: Road Ahead” (Ref. No. 516-0146-1) (Ref. No. – 516-0146-8). 2016 — Case Center (North America)

Dr Nimit Gupta is a seasoned academician in the area of outcome based management education. He is a certified marketing trainer trained by Dr Philip Kotler. He is certified from Harvard for case teaching.

He is qualified marketing expert from University of Berkeley-California, University of British Columbia-Canada and Kyoto University, Japan. He has 15 years of experience in Teaching, Academic Administration, Consultancy and Research at reputed management institutes of Delhi NCR.

Before Joining Fortune institute of International Business, Delhi, as Associate Professor & Area Chairperson-Marketing, he worked with Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida and Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies (affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University), Delhi.

He had worked in various capacities as Programme Director, Internship Coordinator, NBA Team Member, Marketing Club Coordinator, Governing Board Member (Faculty Representative), Examination Controller to name a few. He had authored two books on contemporary themes- Permission Marketing and Case Writing.

He has presented 40+ research papers/cases/articles in National and International Seminars organized by IIM (A), FMS, IIT (M), BIMTECH, IMT etc He has published 60+ research papers/cases/articles in journals of repute including Journal of Services Research, Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing, Journal of Digital and Social Media, Journal of Teaching and Case Studies, Journal of Marketing and Communication, International Journal of Customer Relations, Indian Journal of Marketing etc. He had served as a Session Chair/Track Chair /Moderator/Panel Member in 20+ national and international conferences.

He had conducted 15+ FDPs sessions for faculty of reputed universities/colleges across India. He is a prolific case writer and his cases are used for classroom teaching by academic institutions like University of Newcastle Business School-UK, Qatar University-Qatar, Bologna Business School – Italy, ICD International Business School- France to name a few.

He is recipient of several scholastic performance awards including Best Case Award: Case Centre (USA), ), Dr G.D Sardana Memorial Young Scholar Award- George Mason University, USA & BIMTECH-India, Best Associate Professor- PRCME, Shiksha Gaurav Puraskar-2017- CEGR, Educative Knowledge Contributor Appreciation – Shiksha, National Excellence Award for Innovative Teaching 2017- World Education and Skill Conclave, Education Excellence Award for Research 2017- GESA, Rastritya Srijan Siksha Ratan Samman 2017 to name a few.

He is an Accredited Management Teacher from AIMA and has been instrumental in organizing MDPs in Marketing Management in association with Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt of India. He had conducted MDPs for organizations like TCI, Coromandel, NFL etc as a corporate trainer. He is also a reviewer and on editorial board of national and international journals of repute like.

  1. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies (EEMCS),
  2. International Journal of Sales & Marketing Management Research and Development (IJSMMRD),
  3. ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Retail Management (EAPJMRM)

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