Shailendra Chauhan

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About Shailendra Chauhan

We are happy to share the profile of Shailendra Chauhan. Shailendra Chauhan is the founder & chief editor of and He defines coding as – “Coding is Rhyme”.
He has more than 6 years of hand over Microsoft .NET technologies and other web technologies. A number of articles of him has become articles-of-the-day, selected in daily-community-spotlight, and listed in Recommended Resources for MVC section in the Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site. His blog is a well-known knowledge and support resource in the field of .NET technologies worldwide.

  • Recommended in Microsoft Official Website
  • Listed his Blog in Microsoft
  • Trained more than 200 batches

He likes to share his working experience, research and knowledge through his well-known blogs. He is the author of most popular e-books for technical Interview on AngularJS, LINQ and MVC. He has also reviewed a couple of books on ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework. He has delivered 100+ training sessions to professional world-wide over Microsoft .NET technologies such C#, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, Entity Framework and other mobile technologies such Ionic, PhoneGap, Corodva, Angular Material. He has a strong combination of technical skills and providing solution to develop complex application architecture with proven leadership and motivational skills. He always keeps up with new technologies and learning new skills to deliver the best to his students and his followers. He provides Online and Offline training programs on .NET and mobile development technologies worldwide and corporate training on Microsoft technologies and phone app development. Lets welcome Shailendra Chauhan and wish him for his future endeavors.

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