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About Sourav Sahay

Today, we are pleased to share the profile of Mr. Sourav Sahay. He is an author, truly an inspirational person and a role model. He has done several complex programming that are used by US Government.

Sometimes, we come across individuals who stand out from the rest of the crowd due to their extraordinary abilities. Sourav Sahay is one such person. Sourav has shown abilities in a variety of fields. Few people possess the caliber that is needed for such achievements.

While excelling in a very demanding profession of software engineering, he has also found the time to author a book on C++. This book has been published by the prestigious Oxford University Press and it has come out in 2 volumes. It has sold world wide. It has also been adopted as the official textbook by several Universities.

The book by Sourav is an excellent guide for beginners of C++. It gives detailed and clear-cut explanations of the concepts of Object Oriented Programming. Concepts like encapsulation, inheritance, dynamic polymorphism etc. have been explained thoroughly. Features like chapter end quizzes, self tests and case studies provide the student with a thorough understanding of C++.

Sourav is also writing a book on ‘Internet of Things’. This book will also be published by the Oxford University Press. I am sure that it will be of the same class as the previous book.

Apart from being a part time author, Sourav has nearly 2 decades of an illustrious career in the software industry. Recently, he has also led a team that has developed highly complex software applications for the judges and police officers of one of the east coast states in USA. These applications are a part of the bail reform initiative.

One of the objectives of the bail reform is to reduce the jail population by ensuring that bail is granted only on the basis of the defendant’s criminal history and not his ability to pay the bail. Another objective is to ensure that the defendants get speedy trial and in a time-bound manner. The algorithms that Sourav and his team developed were extremely complicated and required considerable technical acumen to ensure that they execute within the stringent time limits that have been prescribed.

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