Suraj Sahoo

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About Suraj Sahoo

Suraj believes to show code rather than discuss theories and he loves to write demo fiddles, answer to queries on different forums like ASP.Net community, Code Project etc. He works on a principle “Learn and Share”.

We wish him good luck for his upcoming activities.

  • Awarded by Microsoft as Most Valuable Professional.
  • Dzone as the Most Valuable Blogger
  • Asp.Net MVC4 70-486 certified
  • Co-founder “Microsoft Developers Community Odisha
  • Winner of the Best Article 1st Prize (Getting started with Dependency Injection) and 2nd prize (Full Text Search) in CodeProject

He is one of the founders and core team member of the community named as  “Microsoft Developers Community Odisha” , which was established in December 2014. They conduct seminars, technical workshops and global events in different engineering colleges. The community is aimed at creating a revolution among the Tech Lovers as well as non-Tech guys. Someday, we hope to see the Odisha; a home of geeks and everyone thirsty about learning new stuff with the love to learn and share.

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