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Alok Rai asked 2 years ago

Hi, i am working on Xamarin framework from last few days. So, far i am able to access camera using xamarin android and now i need to access a function of face detection in xamarin android and with that needs to provide an overlay on face. Overlay could be of any type like funny caps, beard on face etc. And, i am new to Xamarin, so if you can provide me with the sample code for the same will be very helpful.Thanks

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Kanwwar Manish answered 2 years ago

Hi Alok
In order to perform what you are looking for there would be number of steps.
1. Capture the image from the camera.
2. Identify facial features. These would be your landmarks on face like left eye, right eye etc.
3. Compute the coordinates of the landmarks and then overlay your graphics onto the image received from the camera.
4. Render the image back in an Image view to the user.
An advanced version would be doing this in real time and keep updating the view to the user.
In your case you could do a drag and drop of the images from your custom library like caps, beard etc.
Lets meet if you need more information,
Kanwwar Manish