Advisory Group


Shivprasad Koirala is a head of advisory group at IndiaMentor. He is most renowned author, speaker and mentor. He is an Microsoft Ex-MVP for ASP/ASP.NET and currently a CEO of a E-learning company in Mumbai, India. He is very much active in making training videos , writing books and corporate training. For more info related to his company and stuff he is doing please do visit his site Questpond.

Col. Inderjit Singh Barara

Col. Inderjit Singh Barara is a well-known personality in technical world. An experienced Information Systems Professional with experience of more than 25 year across a wide spectrum of areas.

Gaurav Aroraa

Gaurav Aroraa is a Microsoft MVP. A lifetime member of Computer Society of India (CSI). Gaurav is a renowned speaker, author, startup-mentor and research-scholar. He has mentored thousand professionals, students/freshers. He formed a small group of techies in 1994 and spreading his knowledge through-out the industry. He is a professional with experience more than 19-years.

Our Team

Shuby Arora

Shuby Arora is a founder of the community. She is having more than 8years experience in the industry. She is also an entrepreneur, running Shubh Computing LLP.

Pooja Barsakar

Pooja Barsakar is a member (core team) of the community. She is an author, speaker and a passionate Software Developer, who is always willing to learn and explore new technologies.

Usha More

Usha is a young member (core team) of the community. She is looking into social media activities.

Ritu Dogra

Ritu Dogra is a member (core team) of the community. Ritu is a social worker, freelancer, who is always ready to help. She is having more than 8years experience in the industry.

Ravinder Dogra

Ravinder Dogra is a member(core team) of the community. Ravinder is a poet by heart. He is having more than 10 years experience in the industry.

John Bhatt on IndiaMentor

John Bhatt is a Fleet Analyst having interest in Web technology. He is Web Developer, Software Developer, Blogger, Webmaster & Teacher. Read his blog PRB – Technical Blog.

Development Team


Meenakshi Sharma is a member of development team and she is managing website development and other tech queries from Shubh Computing LLP, Chandigarh.


Dhruv Gupta is a member of development team taking care of Day to Day activities and server maintenance for IndiaMentor.

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