Age ain't nothing but a number.Great mentors develop through a never ending process of self-study, self-reflection, education, training, and experience.Here are some great young mentors who are undoubtedly inspiring.


Prasad Kulkarni

Prasad Kulkarni is a blogger, young mentor and a tech-geek. he has completed Masters in Computer science from University of Pune, Maharashtra


Minu Asheej

Minu Asheej is from Calicut, Kerala, currently living in Bangalore, Karnataka. She is award winning classical dancer a young-mentor and a technical editor.

Suraj Sahoo

Suraj Sahoo

Suraj Sahoo is one of the founders and core team member of the community named as “Microsoft Developers Community Odisha”. Suraj Sahoo is DZone MVB.

Prashant Shinde

Prashant Shinde

Prashant Shinde started teaching and mentoring since his school days for actually earning bread and butter for his family but later it became his passion.

Nirmal Hota: The Mobile Tech Guru Of Odisha

Nirmal Hota

Nirmal Hota is a developer, Mentor, Tech Lead, Blogger and Speaker from the divine lands of Odisha. He is Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

Shailendra Chauhan - a young mentor

Shailendra Chauhan

Shailendra Chauhan is author of popular e-books for Interview on AngularJS, LINQ and MVC. He reviewed a couple of books on ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework.

Tdit Dash

Tadit Dash

Tadit Dash is a Software Engineer in Mindfire Solutions, Bhubaneswar, Odhisa. As a Software Engineer, he usually work for eight to nine hours daily at office.

Krunal Trivedi

Krunal Trivedi

Krunal Trivedi is an Entrepreneur , founder of i-EvolveTechnolabs ,co-founder of Aavid Technologies, Windows Phone Rockstar, Blogger, Speaker, MCT.


Lalit Kale

Lalit Kale is Technical Architect, developer and consultant. He is primarily focused on developing, maintaining and managing high-availability applications.

Syed Shanu

Syed Shanu

Syed Shanu is a blogger, author & positive thinker. As per his views nothing is impossible, if anyone try and do hard-work he/she can achieve anything.

Nishita Tanwar cargil Scholar

Nishita Tanwar

Nishita Tanwar is Microsoft Technology Specialist also, award winning technology enthusiast. She has won from School to Google, IBM, Microsoft and many.


Sukesh Marla

Krunal Trivedi is an Entrepreneur , founder of i-EvolveTechnolabs ,co-founder of Aavid Technologies, Windows Phone Rockstar, Blogger, Speaker, MCT.

Rahul Sahay

Rahul Sahay

Rahul Sahay is a programmer, blogger, MVP. He has written code which you have already experienced. He is blogger & blogs on all Microsoft related stuffs.

Ankit Sharma

Ankit Sharma

Ankit Sharma is a young leader and an entrepreneur. We are pleased to share about him at IndiaMentor. He is found of popular community known as UPTU Khabar.

Pooja Barsakar

Pooja Baraskar

Pooja Baraskar is an Intel Software Innovator, an author, speaker and a passionate Software Developer who is always willing to learn and explore new tech.

Abhijeet is a member of core team at

Abhijit Anandrao Patil

Abhijit Anandrao Patil is passionate about Microsoft Technology. He has 3 awards on DotNetSpider including a golden award. He is also 2 time C# Corner MVP.