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About Baishakkhi Banerrjee

Baishakkhi Banerrjee is a from Kolkata and an inspiration for many women who want to make their career in technical world.

Baishakkhi Banerrjee is from Kolkata, India. Born in Vadodara, Gujrat and raised between Gujrat, Kuwait and Kolkata, the diverse cultural exposure, is a great influencer in her thought process. After completing Bsc with Maths (H) from University of Calcutta, she pursued and completed her MCA from Techno India(WBUT).  She started her career as web application developer and is currently playing the role of a Solution Architect. She has experience working in solutions across Banking, Retirement & Benefits(UK, Ireland, Norway), Education .

She loves connecting the dots in technology, since she feels that knowledge in industry resides as disconnected puddles of information. Having worked on MS web and windows technologies, she has also worked on not so travelled path of MS Technologies like MSBuild, Custom Installers, TFPT, Using C# libraries in SQL Server, XSLT. She is currently working on cross platform Enterprise solutions with .Net, Java, Android & iOS, Bot Automation.  Her choice of language for coding is C#, though she has also worked with VB.Net.

She believes in that you know a concept well when you can present it with simplest of examples.

She is an avid reader of technical articles and follows Scott Hanselman, Scott Guthrie, Pinal Dave, Jeff Atwood, Phil Haack religiously.

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