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About Dr P S Malik

Today, we met with Dr. P.S. Malik. He shared great moments of his life in his own words. We are pleased to share profile of Dr. P.S. Malik.
In his own words:

In 2005 I completed my LL.M. and a Doctoral Thesis in 2011.
In 2015 my posting required more time from me. Then I turned myself to the motivational talks to my young friends, discussing techniques of deep meditations and Yoga etc. I also started releasing my small clips on FB and WhatsApp with full videos on YouTube. Presently, I am working with my younger friends to invent new methodology of Yoga & Meditation Gen-next. So that an objectively verifiable way of inner transformation can be devised so that anyone without distinction can get the same benefit of this science of self.
One more thing, 2010 onward, I have been a student of Homeopathy also. Out of this extensive experience I had an opportunity to unfold some very complicated medical complications also. And I adopt homeopathy as one of very powerful techniques to amplify the effects of Yoga & Meditation. Yoga & Meditation on one hand and Homeopathy on the other, both have the same message – LOOK INTO YOURSELF.

Probably, I am the one who failed the most number of times in my life. But I tried to make each of the failure as my teacher. My such teachers have refined, rinsed me to the maximum possible extent. I am thankful to all that has brought me to this moment.

My some young friends have written something about me in the pages of website www.psmalik.com

Initially, it was prepared by them. But I myself updated it in 2013 with Joomla 2.5 CMS. It entails some blogs and other webpages also which are given in the website itself. I usually undertake to include a regular material in it.


In his own words:

I was born on 20th July 1965 in a small village in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. My ancestors were farmers and father was a teacher in Delhi. My early childhood was there in the village till I completed my eighth class, from a school situated about eight kilometers from my home. Till then I was like other children in a farmer family. I used to plough, water fields even at nights, till the land with tractor, graze animals and milk them in evening.

Despite my working day and night in the fields I had a special affinity for the political activities in the contemporaneous society. I had a personal memory bank about the Emergency of 1975, tormenting political campaigns of 76-77 and then formation of the Janata Party Govt. Despite being a child of about 12-13 years I astonishingly remembered George Fernandez speech in favour of Sh. Morarji Desai the then prime minister, and the next day, a defection to the side of Ch. Charan Singh.

In my ninth class, 1978-79 I came to Delhi as a student and started studying in a govt. school in Rampur, Tri Nagar, Delhi. I was a mediocre student. In my tenth class I was on fourth rank in my school but then my father motivated me a lot and in twelfth in 1982 topped my school and stood second in the entire west zone, Delhi.

I did my graduation in science discipline from Ramjas college, Delhi university from 1982-1985 with first division. Then, thereafter I joined my law in 1985 and completed it in 1988. In this duration I made extensive studies in the World History with special reference to the Indian History, Hindi Literature, Psychology, Political Science and Philosophy.

This study of Psychology and Philosophy, oriented my thinking in a direction which I, observe now was in line with the traditional thinking. I joined MA Philosophy in Delhi University but after first year I left it because it did not add anything valuable to my already acquired level of learning philosophy.

I got enrolled myself as an advocated in Delhi Bar Council in 1988, but my main pursuit still was to get that knowledge or methodology which would enable me to understand the man or humanity.

In 1992 I was married. I was blessed by the almighty with a son in 1995 and a daughter in 2003. The son is completing his graduation from New Zealand and the daughter is completing her schooling.

I favoured Hindi as a language of expression amongst us and opposed the imposition of English as a compulsory language. I was one of responsible persons in the agitation against compulsory English language in UPSC exams and the consequent Longest Dharna in India on the gate of UPSC building.

In 1989 I individually agitated against the compulsory English medium in LL.B. Only thereafter an option of writing answers in Hindi was granted. I wanted to evolve a methodology for self-sustaining technique for Dharnas as did Gandhi Ji do in his movement by introducing Charkha as a means of self-sustaining by the satyagrahis. I tried to adopt translation of English books in Hindi language and translated a few books of Indian History during my Dharna in front of the Law Faculty, Delhi University.

In 1990-91 I appeared in UP PCS exams and against the compulsory English paper in those exams I burnt my English question paper. The then Chief Minister Sh. Mulayam Singh took a note of it and he ordered stopping of such compulsive practice of passing compulsory English paper.

I remained the Pradhan of Youth Wing of Bhartiya Kisan Union under the leadership of Sh. Mahender Singh Tikait and continued to be so till 1992 when I was married and my wife asked me to abandon those activities. She persuaded me to opt for some service. I appeared for the exams for judges in 1996 and I was selected as a judge in 1997, after a legal practice of about 9 years.

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