Dr. Shubhra Arora

a Yoga instructor, a Dental
Postal Address:

Gurgaon, India





About Dr. Shubhra Arora

Dr. Shubhra Arora is a Yoga-Pilates-body-balance instructor and a general Dental practitioner.
Shubhra instructs – how to adapt Yoga-Pilates-body-balance practices in our daily life and how we can get benefited from these practices.

Lets wish Shubhra best of luck for her future endeavors.

Shubhra is working with many gyms and clubs at Gurgaon, India. She is taking yoga / Pilates sessions at raahgiri Gurgaon, India.
She is doing her activities from past 3 years for changing the mindset of people with the power yoga to help losing weight , gaining strength and endurance.

Currently, Shubhra is working on the concept of muscle confusion and defying age through yoga.

Shubhra says:

“Yoga is a way of life where you find stability & peace together. I love to spread joy and positivity to the nature.”

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