Gaurav Mishra

An Entrepreneur, Mentor, Advisor and Motivational factor for youth
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Mumbai, India



About Gaurav Mishra

IndiaMentor is glad to share profile of Mr. Gaurav Mishra – and Entrepreneur, Mentor, Advisor and Motivational factor for many young talented Indian.

Gaurav is the founder of Navayuvak Entrepreneurs based in Mumbai. Gaurav’s vision is to make India a global stage for Business, Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure and Technology with the help of new young talented Mindset of India. As a pilot project Gaurav has taken a vision to make Maharashtra a global state and Mumbai a financial capital of India with the help of Government & individuals. Gaurav is also launching two initiatives with the motto to take India at different hikes: – a student entrepreneurship development creating a dedicated support system for student entrepreneurs – and BeWithIndia a portal & platform with vision stay in India and work In India with global Mindset. Gaurav started his first Venture at the age of 15yrs. Now, he is of 22yrs having vision & mission to make India a transparent development Country . Gaurav has spoken at Different entrepreneurship summit around the country and Mentored Individuals .

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