Prashant Shinde

A True Agile Practitioner, Trainer, Blogger, and a Speaker
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Mumbai, India





About Prashant Shinde

His Tagline is Certification will make you agile certified person but Agile mindset will make you a True Agile Practitioner !!!
You can reach him via his blog: and he will be more than happy to assist you. Currently, he is writing a book on the topic of:  Agile : Challenges & Solution

  • Scrum Developer Certified
  • Scrum Master Certified
  • Scrum Product Owner Certified
  • Agile Expert Certified
  • Scrum Certified Trainer

He started teaching and mentoring since his school days for actually earning bread and butter for his family but later it became his passion. Since then he started training people on various technical & non-technical topics. He is currently holding agile community which has 1000+ people from 35+ different countries who are sharing/helping/guiding & mentoring each other on Agile methodologies. Everyone is fascinated with Agile framework but it is very difficult to implement so he chose to explore and help people with this fascination.

He has decided to dedicate his future for Scrum & Agile Community.

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