Sathyaish Chakravarthy

.NET Programmer, Architect, Writer, Speaker and a Mentor

Ghaziabad, India







About Sathyaish Chakravarthy

We are pleased to share profile of Mr. Sathyaish Chakravarthy. Sathyaish  is a well-known personality in technical world especially in .Net World. He is also a well-known speaker.

A renowned & highly respected personality in the Technical world Sathyaish Chakravarthy is well known for his innovative procedures to deliver his talks on various subjects (Technical talks).
Sathyaish started his technical journey with working on Visual Basic 5 & 6 in 1997 and switched to VB.NET in 2003 and then immediately to C#.

Over his programming career, he has been involved in desktop application development, component and library development and server side Web development. He also has moderate amount of expertise in JavaScript and the jQuery framework.

He worked as an employee for various software companies between May 1997 and February 2011. In February 2011, he decided to quit employment and to start consulting independently as a freelancer.

In addition to consulting, he also teaches .NET framework programming related classes at companies. These classes are a part of a training module that a company will usually hire him to conduct at their premises for a day or two at one time.

He has authored courses for WintellectNOW and is working on his first Pluralsight course.  He speaks regularly at .NET user groups and have more recently begun speaking at conferences as well.



His mission, now is to serve the people with right technical education by delivering talks.  Thereby enabling and ensuring “Enhancement of their technical skills” in every neighborhood across India which in turn will help in the progress of the Nation.

Past Talks

  1. Writing OAuth Clients for Facebook and Google using .NET The Great Indian Developer Summit, Bangalore, India, 21st April 2015
  1. OAuth with Facebook and Google using .NET Spark Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, 6th June 2015
  2. OAuth vs. Open Id C# Corner Conference, Sahibabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, 4th April 2015
  1. Writing OAuth Clients for Facebook and Google Using .NET Calgary .NET User Group, Canada, 16th June 2015
  1. Dependency Injection With Unity Calgary .NET User Group, Canada, 16th August 2014

Upcoming Talks

  1. An Introduction to Reactive Extensions for .NET The Great Indian Developer Summit, Bangalore, India 26th April 2016

Extra-Curricular Interests

  1. Photography and shooting short films. Samples:


He has conducted open workshops on goal setting. Pictures of previous events here:
We, team IndiaMentor pay our gratitude to a great mentor and who taught a lot to his mentee with his versatile way of working.

We wish Mr. Sathyaish Chakravarthy a very good luck for his future endeavors.

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